Equipment & Tools​

Twin Shaft Hand Mixer​

Spike Roller​


4 ", 7", 10" and 20" wide. Used for Epoxy/Resin/Cement  flooring  and  Glass Reinforced Plastic  parts  to remove the entraped air.

Spike Shoes​

For walking on the wet Epoxy/PU/Cement Self levelling.​

Moisture Encounter​

Notch Scraper 20"  4 mm.​

To level the Epoxy/PU/Cement Self Leveling​​

Thickness Adjustable Scraper 20"​​

To leveled the Epoxy/PU/Cement Self Levelling with adjustable thickness.​

Injection Packer​​​

For inject PU and Epoxy Injection.​​​

Notch Trowel​